About our partners

Companies that have already experienced the benefits of our methods
  • Website development
  • Website promotion
  • Site support
  • Form style
  • contextual advertising
  • Creation of landing pages
  • Software development
  • Application Development
  • Industrial Design
We create and develop web projects of any complexity:
  • We create turnkey websites, and also give new life to existing ones.
  • We design, consult, promote and increase conversion.
We create and develop web projects of any complexity:
The idea, design, content, cover colors, packaging - she comes up with all this.

And Vlad is responsible for the organizational part, communicates with marketplaces and suppliers, deals with advertising and logistics.
For 4 years we have been creating gliders for your bright goals and life filled with meaning.
In our team, Lena is a creator and ideological inspirer
We are Vlad and Lena. And we are the authors of the Smart-planner project.
Our community of experts from around the world allows you to learn about the best practices of Customer Success Management as they arise.

What the world will know about Customer Success tomorrow, we bring to you today.
The Customer Success Institute empowers individuals and businesses to acquire the knowledge, tools and skills needed to thrive in the post-pandemic digital economy.