My First MVP - Surf Challenge

Embarking on surfing, I found it strikingly similar to business.

  1. Choosing a school and location in Sri Lanka, akin to qualifying in business.
  2. Learning theory at the bar – analogous to research and prototyping.
  3. First launch: numerous falls, but each time getting up and moving towards the goal (OKR in action).
  4. Testing and refining: new locations: Weligama, Ahangama, Sahana Beach, Q&A team.
  5. Final stage: lesson analysis, video documentation, and realizing that the dream and goal matter most.
Fishing as Business:
Strategy, Patience, and Triumph
  1. Selecting a fishing spot, just like choosing a market niche.
  2. Careful preparation of gear and bait, similar to marketing research and product development.
  3. Patience and anticipation of a bite, reminiscent of awaiting results from implemented strategies.
  4. The adrenaline of battling a big fish, akin to the dynamics of negotiations and closing deals.
  5. The satisfaction of a successful catch, comparable to achieving business goals and project realization.
"Strategy sets the direction, but the true value of a strategy lies in its execution. Just as in fishing, where the right choice of location and technique can bring not only pleasure from the process but also a tasty catch, so in business, a well-chosen strategy leads to success and satisfaction." – Jack Welch, CEO of General Electric
Даже Co-Founder
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From the waves of Sri Lanka

to the mountain peaks of Armenia and Kazakhstan:

my journey continues.

Shymbulak Sync: The Harmony of Hiking and Global Time and Team Management.

В одной руке чашечка кофе, в другой уверенность
Важные вещи надо делать просто
Armenia: Hiking and Business: Building Connections at High Altitudes
My new lesson in business - hiking in the mountains of Armenia and new horizons for Smart-Planner.

Adaptability: Just as changing landscapes require flexibility in hiking, so too in business it's crucial to quickly adapt to changing market conditions.
Risk and Assessment: Evaluating risks before tackling challenging sections of the trail reminded me of the importance of risk analysis in business projects.
Creative Approach: Unexpected solutions on the trail - a way to overcome obstacles, reflect the importance of innovation and creativity in business.
Focus on Goals: The goal of reaching the summit reminds us of the importance of having a clear goal and striving towards it in any project.
Resilience and Endurance: Long ascents teach endurance and resilience, key qualities for long-term success in business.
"When you set a goal, whether in sports, business,
or travel, you're not just achieving it – you're discovering new horizons. Every achievement is not the end of the journey, but the beginning of a new adventure." – Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Group
After an intense training session in the mountains, we deserved a great rest: celebrating the successes of Smart-Planner in the cultural atmosphere of Armenia.
Lake Sevan - a stunningly beautiful place.
From the mountain peaks of Armenia to the scenic trails of Vietnam: my journey continues, opening new horizons for learning and growth.