Achieve business growth and performance through strategic collaboration

IT Business Transformation: The Success Story of Pro-Data and Be#ingSuccessful

Dmitry, founder of Be#ingSuccessful, and Evgeny, CEO of Pro-Data, met to explore the potential benefits of strategic collaboration between companies to optimize the work of marketing and sales departments of Pro-Data

The history of the creation of Be#ingsuccessful and Pro-Data
Creation of Pro-Data

Pro-Data is an international company, a provider of IT solutions and services in Uzbekistan. The company's services are cloud platforms, virtual servers, dedicated servers, private clouds and a cloud call center. Tier 3 level data centers create the highest security, and a team of experts, individual solutions for cloud provider customers.

Service delivery is based on a customer-centric approach. Comprehensive management of Pro-Data IT infrastructure includes monitoring, maintenance of high-end class servers and other processes, which makes it possible for the company to organize services 24/7. This combination of security, experience and customer focus makes Pro-Data the most reliable IT infrastructure provider in Uzbekistan, creating long-term relationships and a strong reputation in the market.
Making Be #ingSuccessful
Be#ingSuccessful was founded in November 2022, but is already known in the CIS and Russian markets as a provider of SMART solutions and consulting services, specializes in business process optimization and growth stimulation, and excels in strategic cooperation. Experience in the field of Agile methodology and digital transformation creates conditions for companies to improve business efficiency, reduce operating costs and increase revenues. With a customer-centric approach and commitment to quality, Be#ingSuccessful has become a sought-after partner for organizations looking to succeed.
Joining Forces
Evgeny was looking for a consulting partner in the CIS and Russian markets, who would give an assessment of marketing in building processes, and price, and would also correspond to Pro-Data values. According to the CEO, Be#ingSuccessful stood out from the competition because their philosophy is to create atmosphere, service and quality.
Tasks and deadlines
The goal, which is set to be completed in four months, is to reduce operating costs by improving the company's digital DNA, and increase revenue by transforming the marketing department into a lead generation center.
Dmitry Matua, founder of Be #ingSuccessful
"I recommend an iterative work model for Pro-Data starting with an audit of the entire system to identify bottlenecks. Then our teams will work together to prioritize and implement SMART solutions" - Dmitry Matua, founder Be#ingSuccessful. Eugene agreed, and they began to implement the plan.
Strengthening in the technical support department
Be#ingSuccessful after the audit, suggested strengthening in the technical support department.
Results of cooperation
"The Be#ingSuccessful team proposed to strengthen the current ITIL processes in technical support and automate processes based on Bitrix24 by converting the tool of the commercial division into the Servicedesk system. Sergey Pro-Data CTO was involved in the process. Through joint efforts, we identified "bottlenecks" in workflows and replaced This solution allowed us to optimize the work of the customer support service and led to the classification of information into requests and incidents, which made it possible to measure and manage the process at the SLA level.To evaluate the work of the department, the Be#ingSuccessful team implemented a tool - dashboards, and Bitrix24 reports, which are already used in Pro-Data and modified to meet the needs of the company," shared Evgeny Vishnevsky.
Future prospects and growth
Eugene, who is interested in marketing improvements, asked: "What will Be#ingSuccessful offer to give Pro-Data a competitive edge in the cloud provider and telecommunications industry in Uzbekistan?".

Dmitry: "The expertise of our team will help optimize marketing strategies such as account-based marketing, account-based marketing, ABM, content marketing focused on a specific target audience, and data-driven decision making using the Data-Driven methodology, thus , unlocked the potential of the SMARTmarketingAI service.This SMART solution will result in a 15% increase in qualified sales leads, SQL, and a 12% increase in average revenue per user, ARPU, resulting in a 15% increase in ROI."

With the application of new marketing strategies and technologies, Pro-Data will gain a competitive advantage in the market of cloud providers and telecommunications in Uzbekistan. A successful partnership with Be#ingSuccessful will allow them to achieve their goals, increase revenue and expand their market presence.
Interaction and integration of solutions
The collaboration between Pro-Data and Be#ingSuccessful allows both parties to successfully integrate their solutions and offer more comprehensive and efficient services to their customers. Through the combined use of advanced technologies and innovative approaches, both companies can provide higher quality services and achieve excellent results.
PPVVC methodology and sales department optimization
Due to the successful application of new marketing strategies, Be#ingSuccessful rebuilt two independent sales funnels, both for the transactional sales department and for complex solutions, using the PPVVC methodology to achieve the goal. This approach allowed us to speed up the process of selecting a product for the client. The process was carried out in Bitrix24, which is easily integrated with the current Pro-Data infrastructure and opens up new opportunities for the company, stimulates further growth and development.
Growth and expansion of Pro-Data
In the second half of 2023 and looking forward to 2024, Pro-Data has ambitious plans for growth and expansion. Building on the success achieved through the partnership with Be#ingSuccessful, Pro-Data aims to strengthen its position as the leading cloud provider and telecommunications industry player in Uzbekistan in its target segment.

In a conversation, Eugene shared his vision: "Our main goal is to expand the range of services and services and also gain a foothold in the Republic of Uzbekistan in 2023 and move to the next country markets in 2024. This strategy will not only open up new revenue streams, but also introduce business to a wide the spectrum of technological advances and industry trends that Pro-Data is driving."
He stressed that in the coming years, Pro-Data will focus on further optimization of internal processes, using advanced analytics. The company also plans to expand its cybersecurity offerings.
The strategic collaboration between Be#ingSuccessful and Pro-Data has delivered results, improving business marketing performance and creating Pro-Data's competitive edge. Continuing to innovate and expand, Pro-Data is scaling confidently in the cloud and telecom sectors, with a clear vision for success in Uzbekistan and beyond.